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True or False

One of the biggest things I wrestle with, is that every Christian I know, myself included, has referenced certain Scriptures as contextual, historically/culturally slanted, or metaphorical, while others are categorized as “either it’s true, or none of the Bible is true”. So which is it?

Examining different denominations has raised at least as many questions about the validity of Scripture as it’s answered. To grasp this, just do a Google search for “Wesleyans vs. Calvinists”. VASTLY different takes on salvation and Christian living, yet both sides have plenty of verses to back up their doctrine. I hear this phrase so often: “What does the Bible say”, yet it’s been made to say so many un-truths throughout history. I hesitate to say this but, it’s almost hard to believe what the Bible says. Or rather, the multiple, often contradictory interpretations thereof. Even concordances-those hefty tomes intended to make Scripture clearer and more meaningful-carry their own biases and fallible, human thoughts. If I were new to this whole Christian thing, my assumed answer to the “what does the Bible say” question, is that it says whatever the reader wants it say. Indeed, I’ve heard this very sentiment from some of my non-Christian friends. Why believe in something when the people who claim to believe in it can’t even agree on what it says?

I’m not refuting that the Bible is God-inspired. I’m sure that it is. I’m not suggesting that we stop believing in the Truth it contains. What I am strongly feeling right now in my own life, is that no single piece of literature has caused more division and confusion, ever, and maybe I need to step back from trying to decipher it, and return to square one and start this faith thing over again.

I’m going to begin a little experiment. For as long as it takes, I’m simply going to follow what Jesus claimed were the two most important commandments. 1) love God and 2) love others. I’m coming to Him with faith like a child and I’m going to see where it leads.

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An open letter to the Church

To whom it may concern:
After many years of loyal service, I have come to the realization that the institution to which I so devoted myself has deceived me. For a long time, the deception was quiet, hidden-but recently some things have come to light which are so insidious and evil, I can no longer brush them off as “non-essentials” of the faith, in the interest of “unity”. There have been such gross abuses of Scripture committed from the pulpit and from the congregation alike, I can hardly decipher the Truth from the lies.
It’s not my intent to cause division. You know me-the quiet, passive woman with the submissive spirit, not prone to making a fuss. I sat front and center, listening intently and then dutifully taking my filled-with-the-Spirit self back to teach in my Sunday school classroom. Oh sure, I got a little rowdy in weeknight Bible study, fueled by coffee and desserts, but I always tempered myself when it became clear that the groupthink was not in line with my┬áthinking.

I’m writing with the sole purpose of working out for myself these aspects of my faith which I can no longer take at face value. I’ve begun pulling on this theological thread, as I heard a wise woman say, and it’s unraveling into a tangled mess. I’m going to attempt to knit my beliefs back together with an attitude of hope and optimism, and prayerfully examine the Word as it pertains to the difficult, nagging questions I’ve wrestled with for so long. In the process, I hope to help correct some of the wrongs committed in the name of God.

I’m tired of being a good Christian.


Miss Behaving

I’m writing for an audience of One, but if anyone else happens to be reading, I’d love to know who you are. I need some kindred spirits to accompany me on this journey of rediscovering myself, my faith, and my place in this world.